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Product Definitions & Description


The Easy Off Sock Aid Doffer is an easy to use aid for taking off socks and compression stockings. It doesn’t require any bending or stretching, making it easy to use for those with any form of restricted movement. 


- Compression stockings and socks can be highly beneficial to the elderly and disabled.
- Not only can they relieve achy legs, but they can also help prevent and manage a variety of medical conditions, such as leg swelling, varicose veins, leg ulcers, thrombosis, and more.
- Unfortunately, while compression stockings are beneficial, they can also be difficult to put on.
- Compression stocking donners make the process easier by eliminating the need to bend to reach the feet.
- Donners for compression stockings can reduce discomfort for seniors while allowing them to dress independently.
- At Aidacare, we’re proud to offer a high-quality assortment of compression stocking and sock donners and aids for the elderly and disabled.  

Sock Aid: 

 - When it comes to getting dressed, putting on socks can be one of the most challenging aspects for seniors and people with a disability.
- Not only does the movement require a significant bend at the waist, but it also necessitates lifting the leg and using the hands to manoeuvre the sock over the foot.
- A sock aid is designed to make the process of putting on socks simpler and more comfortable. Our aids feature an easy-to-use gutter design that assists with changing.
- Once the sock is placed over the gutter, the user can slide their foot into the sock while the sock slides on seamlessly. 

Compression Socks: 

Compression socks (or compression stockings) are socks of various length that are designed to gently squeeze legs a bit more than typical socks. The key intention, is to promote better blood circulation in the legs. 

By gently squeezing the legs, compression socks increase the pressure in the tissues beneath the skin. This reduces excess leakage of fluid from the capillaries, and it increases the absorption of this tissue fluid by the capillaries and lymphatic vessels.

The result: reduced swelling and swelling prevention. It also reduces the ability of superficial veins to expand in order to fill with blood, which prevents that blood from flowing backwards and causing congestion.