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The Original No More Bending Complete Sock Aid Kit with FREE Shoe Helper

$39.95 $69.95

This Product includes BOTH the original Easy On SOCK AID and the Easy Off STICK so it comes as a Complete Set!

The original Sock Aid is an easy to use aid for both putting on and taking off socks. It doesn’t require any bending or stretching, making it easy to use for those with any form of restricted movement.The doffer can also be used as a shoe. horn.

Not just a mobility aid for the elderly, the sock aid is also designed to help people of any age who suffer from limited mobility, recent injury or surgery that limits their personal mobility.

The Easy Off stick makes it easy for people with mobility issues to remove their socks and stockings.

SPECIAL OFFER - now only $39.95! with FREE Shoe Helper


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

I have one of these due to back problems and sciatica, so wonderful

Claire G
I am very happy to report that my Mum has not cried for a week now, so thank you!

And I just want to say thanks for being a reseller of this product. My Mum has a collapsing spine and bending over causes her excruciating pain. I only found out recently that she spends every morning crying because she can't put her socks on. I am very happy to report that my Mum has not cried for a week now, so thank you!

Patricia H
Life changing

My son was left with a bad back after a car accident and after purchasing the sock-aid for him to use, he is able to get his socks on all by himself, which has really helped with his self-esteem!

Jack Hime
Fantastic product

Fantastic product and company and very fast delivery thank you!

Maxine Lee-Parker

Hello, received Easy on Easy Off, purchased one also for my Husband. Am visiting him on Saturday, will let you know what he thinks. Regards Maxine.

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